Become a New Supplier

Thank you for interest in becoming a supplier of OEM components for Mikuni. Please see the following criteria for becoming a certified supplier.

Your company must:

  1. Be capable of manufacturing materials meeting design specification
  2. Be capable of designing materials meeting Mikuni’s required specifications (when applicable)
  3. Be capable of supplying materials according to delivery schedule, in amount required by Mikuni
  4. Maintain a third part certificate with respect to international standards of quality management system and conformity to most recent ISO and or TS standard
  5. Adhere to governmental regulations regarding the use of prohibited and conflict materials.

If your company meets these requirements and you believe your company will be a good fit for Mikuni, please fill out the form below. Mikuni American Purchasing group will review the information and follow-up with you directly.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.

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